The Ahuroa Gas Storage Facility was developed in 2008 from the depleted Ahuroa and Piakau fields in PMP 52278.

The permit is located around 10km north of Stratford and connects to the Transmission System at the Stratford 3 bi-directional point. Transmission services to Stratford 3 are currently governed by the Vector Transmission Code.

The Ahuroa and Piakau reservoirs are approximately 2.5 km below the surface. The reservoir is in the Tariki sandstone with a seal created by a blind thrust fault. The reservoir initially produced 50 PJ of gas and 1.1 MMbbl of condensate during its production phase from 1996 to 2008. During its subsequent operation as a storage field the reservoir has been pressured to 90% of its original pressure of 3,450 psi. The working storage volume is estimated to be 18 PJ