Flex Gas owns and operates the Ahuroa gas storage facility in Taranaki. We store up to 18 PJ of gas in the depleted Ahuroa field.

We can currently inject up to 27 TJ per day of gas into the field and withdraw up to 45 TJ per day from the field on behalf of our customers. We aim to expand the field to 65 TJ per day injection and withdrawal by 2021.

Gas storage operations began in June 2008 and the field has successfully cycled to meet the needs to Contact Energy since that time. Flex Gas purchased the field in December 2017 with the aim of providing merchant storage capacity. Contact has been retained as a foundation customer with rights to 75% of storage capacity and injection and withdrawal capacity for a minimum of 15 years.

Flex Gas is the trading name for Gas Services New Zealand (GSNZ) – an affiliate of First Gas Limited, the Transmission System Owner and Operator. GSNZ is an interconnected party to the transmission system, but will not be a gas producer, wholesaler, shipper, or retailer. Other parties will be responsible for shipping gas to and from the Ahuroa facility.