Flex Gas is offering storage in the Ahuroa storage facility as follows:

  • Firm – allocated injection/withdrawal capacity along with a linked proportion of the storage volume of the field
  • As available – injection/withdrawal and storage capacity on a short-term basis if it is not allocated to other users

These services may be sold as a package or contracted separately.

Long-term users with firm capacity bought for 15 years or more (Foundation customers) will have access to as available uncontracted capacity at no extra cost. Foundation customers will be given rights to participate in future expansion projects.

Users will be able to trade firm capacity between each other. A small fee will be charged to cover costs associated with this process. If a user exceeds their contracted capacity in the field an imbalance charge will be imposed. Negative imbalances will not be allowed.

Nominations will be made in line with the Transmission System nominations cycles with week-ahead, daily and intraday nominations available.

Users will need to contract their own capacity in the Transmission System for delivery to/receipt from Ahuroa in accordance with the applicable Transmission Code.